7 easy-to-use Content Idea & Creation Tools

To the outside world, creating social media postings may appear simple. Marketers and companies all over the world understand that there is more to creating and editing social media content than meets the eye. Here are some tools to help you along the road, from selecting the right image to reflect your point of view to composing Twitter updates with the perfect hashtag and tone of voice.

1. Canva

A list of social networking tools would be incomplete without Canva. Canva, one of the most popular tools for producing social media graphics, allows users to rapidly generate high-quality pictures utilizing layouts, themes, and design components. The free version of the application is quite comprehensive, but since we have corporate pricing, we create the best designs for your brand.

2. Hashtagify. me is a tool for searching for hashtags. It helps us in our hashtag researches. After we’ve found a hashtag, we can see how popular it is and how it’s used.

The tool is easy to use: we put a hashtag related to your product into the search box, and then search for its performance and related hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. It also gives the top influencers for that hashtag, as well as recent tweets using that hashtag and demographic information. Paid customers may receive notifications on specific hashtags, track influencers and usage patterns, and much more.

3. SlideShare

Since Plan B Marketing also provides LinkedIn services to publish updates, SlideShare is a must-have. SlideShare, which was formerly an independent site, is now owned by LinkedIn. This enables SlideShare’s eye-catching pictures and presentations to be instantly synchronized to the platform. You may get the best of both worlds by merging these two platforms: useful text articles and updates from LinkedIn and attractive pictures from SlideShare. Sharing presentations, eBooks, infographics, and other content is always a good idea, and the platform makes it easy to do so by allowing us to share them to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with the click of a button.

We can also embed your Brand’s SlideShare presentation on your website using IFrame or WordPress shortcodes (depending on which platform you use).

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is a fully-featured spellcheck and language application that can be used in situations where Microsoft Word cannot. It enables users to produce error-free text on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and nearly any other website. Grammarly examines your writing for frequent and difficult grammatical errors, such as subject-verb consistency, article usage, and modifier placements. It also goes above and beyond routine checks to give users explanations and assist them in improving their abilities.

5. Trello

Trello is a visual collaboration tool for organizing and prioritizing projects in a fun, flexible, and productive way. A Trello board is a collection of lists with cards attached that is jam-packed with sophisticated features and automation. It’s a quick and easy method to see what has to be done.

Trello is special in that its style allows us to organize any job in the most flexible, open-ended way possible.

Trello provides endless possibilities for ways to help make you a better you. Below are a few examples of basic Trello boards, designed for beginners. While reading these, start thinking about a few things in your life that could use a Trello board. Trello offers an infinite number of methods to help you create amazing content for your brand.

6. Inshot

Inshot is a powerful and user-friendly Instagram reels video editor. It includes all of the fundamental editing functions, such as color correction and cutting, as well as high-end ones, such as layered video creation. You may use eye-catching visual and acoustic elements, as well as distinctive animated text that grabs the viewer’s attention right away. It is compatible with iOS and Android. Inshot helps us to Trim, split or merge videos. It also has trendy filters and special effects with Themed and animated stickers

7. Google trends

Hashtags are an important part of social media marketing on sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. The importance of hashtags in determining the awareness and engagement of social media posts cannot be overstated. And, despite the fact that hashtags are a permanent notion, many marketers still lack the necessary understanding and methods for using them.

We usually use Google Trends to identify hot themes and phrases in a certain region or throughout the world and then modify them to create a slew of intriguing hashtags.

Additionally, we also use it to detect local buying trends, investigate brand health, and locate real-time marketing possibilities.

These are the trustworthy tools that we are using to advertise your items on social media, whether through organic or sponsored postings.

Through them, we have an ideal environment for creating content and help us keep a track of our deadlines, trends and even improve our skills.