In a very short period, social media has managed to become an important part of our lives. What began as a way for friends and family to remain in contact quickly evolved into a conduit for companies and enterprises to engage with their target audience with well-executed social media campaigns.

Multiple social media trends have arisen and changed as a result of this medium’s fast expansion throughout the years. Able to adapt to these new and emerging trends is what allows Plan B marketing to stay ahead of competitors. Here is a list of trends we have followed to get productive results for our clients.

Videos are reshaping the social media landscape.

With the bulk of social media experts urging companies to focus on video marketing for some time now, there was little question that behind-the-scenes videos on social media would skyrocket in popularity in 2021. We have Brands that are increasingly experimenting with behind-the-scenes videos to engage with our customers for brand awareness.

Interestingly, the appeal of video content has outstripped the need for video material. Over 82 percent of social media audiences prefer behind-the-scenes videos on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Increasing Engagement Through Ephemeral Content

If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase “ephemeral content,” you could get a better understanding of it by thinking about social media. Yes, we’re referring to the popular short-duration material that disappears after 24 hours, also known as Instagram and Facebook Stories.

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Stories are entertaining, interesting, and keep the masses at their toes, practically! We are continuously experimenting extensively with the “Story” function on Instagram and Facebook to provide your consumers with a glimpse into their world.

While photos, videos, and written material continue to tell everyone about new product launches, special deals, and other news, stories are intended to be more personal and casual.

Customers will anticipate a lot more brand interaction in the days ahead, with polls, quizzes, “behind the scenes” events, spontaneous banter, office tours, and a wide range of entertaining material that would help them get to know a company well.

Brands will simply invest in influencers.

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Influencer marketing has dominated 2019 and continues to do so for this year, according to Forrester Research. It is expected that influencer and brand collaboration will alter shortly.

Influencers and brands will now work together on a series of social media marketing pieces, rather than just one. Likewise, they will do their best to spread the word about the material generated by these influencers, as well.

We are in direct contact with micro Influencers and niche bloggers from smaller businesses who will work together with your brand so that their marketing efforts are inclusive. We are careful in our selection of influencers so that no imposters are associated with the brand.

Aside from publishing photographs of themselves with sponsored items or services Influencers to recommend them, we encourage them to create content for your brand focusing more on long-form, instructional films, and picture stories.

Targeting Locally Will Become More Popular

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On the heels of the rise of local SEO, local targeting will continue to gain popularity in the years to come. As a result, for our local companies, we are using geotagging in their social media posts and stories as a means to reach out to their target customers.

Currently, Instagram allows users to search for feeds and stories in their local area, which makes local companies more visible and accessible to more people. Businesses may also use IP addresses to target specific audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

To create brand awareness and popularity for your small business, we first target people in your immediate area. Especially when starting, small businesses find it more difficult to compete with major brands online due to the growing online competition.

In such a situation, local targeting is the most effective approach to contact individuals and maximize ROI on your marketing efforts. Aside from that, it gives you the ability to cater to a specific audience by generating tailored content for them, something that larger businesses frequently fail to do.

A Greater Focus on User-Generated Content

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In social media, user-generated content (UGC) refers to any type of material that is created by other users. The use of user-generated content (UGC) by many companies as social evidence of the quality of their products or services has become commonplace.

When it comes to branding, we especially embrace user-generated material. As a result, we get two advantages. With user-generated content (UGC), we reduce their marketing expenditure for brand material, and second, it allows us to put their consumers in the spotlight and make them feel appreciated.

There is no brand control over what people say or publish on UGC, therefore it’s genuine. It’s the most reliable source of information about a brand or a business that anyone could find. Consumer-generated content (UGC) will be encouraged by companies in the coming days to increase engagement.

Community Growth on Social Networking Sites

This year, the number of social media communities has increased. Trying to meet the demands and expectations of their customers, businesses are adding customers to social networks where they may connect more directly with them.

It’s a great way to collect feedback from consumers, have productive dialogues, fix problems, and offer tailored content that customers will enjoy.

Eventually, our brands can utilize these private online communities to obtain feedback on new goods before introducing them and get far greater customer insights at every phase of their business journey.

Content for Snacking

Just to Tiktok, Instagram just added a similar function called “Reels” that allows users to shoot and share short films on the network. It’s to be hoped that soon, more social media applications will incorporate capabilities that allow video content creation.

To sum it up countless numbers of social media trends have dominated 2021 and have a huge influence on consumers and companies alike. These new social media developments are here to stay. We have taken advantage of them to reap the best rewards for our clients.